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The Problem being Addressed by Mango

Welfare Focused Assistance for Patients

Despite advances in cancer care and treatments, the disease is as deadly to millions today as it ever was. In most instances, the financial burden of cancer care puts the most innovative treatments beyond the reach of most patients and their families. We are reimagining the way cancer care is managed and financed. We work closely with our financial partners to develop products and customised offerings that help patients, and their families access the most modern targeted cancer therapies available.

Why Work with Us?

Sustainability Focused Partnerships for Lenders

We believe transformative change in quality cancer care requires a two-pronged approach. Change in the way patients can access targeted cancer therapies, and how financial institutions enable patients to afford treatments. Our program encourages and helps patients, and their families manage their cash flows and protect their finances in the event of unexpected treatment outcomes.

Our core goals for our financial partners are threefold:

  • 1

    Loan Products

    Create new revenue sources through novel oncology-focused loan products.

  • 2

    Access Untapped

    Reach patients looking to explore these products.

  • 3

    Transform Cancer
    Care Financing

    Reduce risk liability, while supporting better healthcare outcomes.

List of Financial Institutions Associated with Mango

Our Trusted Partners

We are constantly adding new partners to our mission of transforming cancer care, stay tuned for updates.

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